Greek and international cuisine,
with top quality fresh ingredients
and a wide variety of excellent wines.

Greek and international cuisine,with top quality fresh ingredients and a wide variety of excellent wines.


Yellowfin tuna tataki, vermicelli noodles, wakame, smoked spicy mayonnaise, ponzu sauce 24.00

Swordfish ceviche, mango, jalapeno, nori, pickled onion, corn sauce, aji amarillo 24.00

Octopus carpaccio, chickpea mousse, bottarga "Trikalinos", pickled shimeji mushroom 18.00

Hako sushi, fish of the day, bottarga "Trikalinos", horseradish mayonnaise  30.00

Gillardeau oysters, Calamansi sorbet, caviar, sriracha, herring roe 10.00/pcs

Steak tartar, black truffle,  egg confit, chili mayonnaise, capers, crunchy potato 24.00


Wagyu Picanha, spicy mayonnaise, pickled shimeji, chives 6/pcs

Limousin fillet, gold leaf, caviar 6/pcs




Homemade gnocchi,celeriac cream, carrot gel, purple potato chips, guanciale, shiitake mushrooms, smoked cheese from Metsovo, autumn truffle  23.00

Grilled cuttlefish and octopus, multi colored quinoa, pickled carrot, kale,  black "tarama", guacamole 24.00

King scallops, shrimp, wild mushroom, baby chard, bacon crumbs 11.00/pcs

Grilled cuttlefish and octopus, multi colored quinoa, pickled carrot, kale, black “tarama”, guacamole 24.00

Quail, potatoes boulangerie, baby corn, parsley mayonnaise, oil and lemon vinaigrette 28.00

Stuffed vine leaves, mince, aromatic lemon sauce, dill oil 15.00

“Pastitsio”, veal cheeks, béchamel foam, smoked tomato 16.00

Foie gras Rougie, pineapple chutney, green apple gel, hazelnut, buckwheat 10.00/pcs

Mushroom dumplings, "graviera" cheese from Crete croquette, homemade mushroom ketchup, asparagus, yuzu dressing

Lobster veloute, king crab, smoked rosemary emulsion, lavosh cracker 30.00





Greek salad, cherry tomatoes from Crete, cucumber, pickled red onion, smoked feta from Paggaio, sea fennel, caper,  sourdough bread, red pepper coulis15.00

Poached cheeks and collar from the fish of the day, red lettuce, lettuce, baby corn, carob croutons, bacon crumbs, quail egg, anchovy dressing 24.00

Valerian, mustard leaves, string beans, goat’s cheese, strawberry, sesame seed “pasteli”, carob honey dressing16.00



Homemade tagliatelle, beef ragu, “graviera” with thyme, wild mushrooms, black truffle 28.00

"Giouvetsada" orzo with veal cheeks, courgette cream, "goniani" feta cheese. Ksinomavri wine sauce from Naousa  26.00

Seafood risotto, fennel, cherry tomaotes confit, dill oil 27.00

Rigatoni alle vongole, clam, prawns, baby zucchini, bottarga from Mesologgi, roe fumet de poisson 30.00




Wild cod fricassee, chervil, hartwort, artichoke 38.00

Salmon fillet, black rice, chorizo from Drama, sunchoke cream, kale 24.00

Angler fish meuiere, baby potatoes, broccolini, parsley, chives 35.00

Fish of the day fillet, steamed vegetables, tartar sauce 42.00



"Coq au vin", free range rooster, sheel and goat's butter, smoked bacon, Assyrtiko from Santorini, herbs 27.00

Rougie duck fillet, Clochard potato, creamed corn, parsley mayonnaise, beurre noisette  30.00

“Tournedos Rossini”, Limousin beef fillet, foie gras Rougie, mushrooms, black truffles, parsnip, asparagus, Cognac 45.00



Flap steak, Black Angus, USA 32.00

Sirloin Steak, Black Angus, USA 35.00

Fillet, Limousin, France 40.00

Chateaubriand (for two), Limousin, France 80.00

Rib eye, Black Angus, USA 60.00

Picanha Wagyu, Australia 55.00

Tomahawk, Black Angus, USA 140.00/kg


Steamed vegetables with a lemon and oil sauce

Mashed potatoes with fresh black truffle

Homemade franch fries

Asparagus, mushrooms, baby potatoes









Tarte tatin, Granny Smith apples, caramel, vanilla anglaise, fruits of the forest coulis, Madagascar vanilla ice cream 14.00

Crepes Suzette, orange marmalade, Grand Marnier, vanilla ice cream 7.00/pcs

Parfait ‘armenoville’, chocolate log, creumble praline, pistachio from Aigina, raspberry gel, chocolate sauce 16.00

Tiramisu cream, cookies, chocolate ganache, mascarpone, crue de cacao, raspberry, vanilla ice cream 14.00

Ferrero Rocher, caramelia Valrhona cremeux, nocciola ice cream16.00












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