Greek and international cuisine,
with top quality fresh ingredients
and a wide variety of excellent wines.

Greek and international cuisine,with top quality fresh ingredients and a wide variety of excellent wines.


Sushi dolma, shrimp, aromatic yogurt 15.00

Octopus carpaccio, chickpea mousse, bottargo, pickled shimeji mushroom 16.00

Fish of the day ceviche, smoked tomato, pickled celery, capers, cucumber sorbet 18.00

Tataki tuna, cucumber, green olive tapenade, sesame, horseradish mayonnaise 18.00

Steak tartar, egg confit, chili mayonnaise, capers, charcoal grilled sourdough bread 20.00



‘Briam’ cooked in a woodstove, seasonal vegetables, fresh ‘mizithra’ cheese from Crete, basil pesto 13.00

Seaffod lettuce ‘dolma’, fennel, king herring roe 18.00

Grilled squid, “gemista” , cous cous, chorizo from Drama, ‘taramas’ 18.00

Traditional ‘mousaka’, courgette , aubergine cream, ‘metsovone’ cheese 14.00

Foie gras Rougie, parsnip ,caramelized chicory, pineapple chutney, fruits of the forest 20.00



Greek salad, ‘galotiri’ cheese from Kastoria, cherry tomatoes, capers, olive crumbs, ‘kadaifi’, basil 12.00


Arugula, goat’s cheese, figs, sesame ‘pasteli’, white balsamic dressing 12.00



Seafood calamarata or risotto, bottarga, fennel 24.00


Rigatoni with slowly cooked veal, ‘graviera’ cheese from Syros, fresh black truffle

Home made ravioli, “feta” cheese from Paggaio, “anthotiro” cheese, wild mushrooms, asparagus, basil oil 18.00



‘Agioritiko’croaker, parsnip, potato, baby carrots, ‘kakavia’ sauce 28.00

Salmon fillet, roast cabbage puree, jasmine rice, nuts, lemongrass sauce 20.00

Gilt head bream, creamed smoked aubergine, sauteed wild greens, scented lemon and oil vinaigrette 30.00

Wild grouper, steamed vegetables, tartar sauce 35.00



Turkey in brine, gnocchi, shiitake mushrooms, sweet peas, creamed carrot, ‘ksinomavro’ wine sauce from Naousa 18.00


Duck Rougie fillet, celeriac, baby lettuce, shallot chips, Vinsanto sauce 24.00



Flap steak, Black Angus, USA 25.00

Hanging Tender steak, Black Angus, USA 23.00

Fillet, Limousin, France 32.00

Chateaubriand (for two), Limousin, France 70.00

Ribeye, Black Angus, USA 35.00

Τ-bone steak, Black Angus, USA 80.00/kg


‘Baklava’, honey mousse, quince gel, honey panna cotta, ‘kaimaki’ ice cream 12.00

Crepes Souzette, orange marmalade, Grand Marnier, vanilla ice cream 10.00

Chocolate ganache, cherries, chocolate aero, butterscotch, yogurt ice cream 12.00

Parfait ‘armenoville’, nuts, granola, berries, chocolate sauce 14.00











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