Greek and international cuisine,
with top quality fresh ingredients
and a wide variety of excellent wines.

Greek and international cuisine,with top quality fresh ingredients and a wide variety of excellent wines.


Fish of the day carpaccio, bottarga from Mesologgi, roe, citrus fruit 20.00

Tuna tartar, king herring roe, chives, soy sauce, hazelnut vinaigrette 18.00

Beef fillet tartar, quail egg, pickles, capers, chili mayonnaise, crunchy potato nest 20.00

Variety of Greek and French cheeses, dried fruit 20.00



Grilled octopus and squid, fava from Santorini, fried caper, pepper from Florina coulis, white tarama, herbs 24.00


King scallops, shrimps and sea bream “savoro”, raisins, white balsamic vinegar, bisque foam, wild rice wafer 26.00

Traditional mousaka, aromatic tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes confit, feta from Paggaio foam 15.00

Foie Gras Rougie, parsnip cream, caramelized endive, pineapple –raisin chutney, forest fruits 24.00



“Greek salad”, galotiri from Kastoria, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, capers, olive powder, kadaifi, basil, oregano 12.00


Poached pear, goat’s cheese gratin, mesclun, string beans, forest fruits 12.00



Seafood calamarata or risotto, bottarga from Mesologgi, fennel 25.00


Ravioli with anthotiro and feta, mushrooms, asparagus, celeriac cream, Parmesan chips, basil oil 18.00

Shrimp “Giouvetsi”, orzo, bisque, chili oil, dried chili flakes 24.00



Wild grouper, “artichokes a la polita”, garlic emulsion, herb flavored lemon and oil vinaigrette 32.00


Salmon fillet, roast cauliflower puree, jasmine rice with nuts, fish stock with lemon grass 20.00

Fish of the day fillet, smoked aubergine cream, sautéed greens, herbs, leek shards 28.00



Rooster fillet in brine, homemade potato gnocchi, shiitake mushrooms, sweet peas, carrot cream, “xinomavro” wine sauce 19.00


Lamb slowly cooked in its suet, string bean puree, chickpeas, sauce from the stock 25.00

Duck Rougie breast fillet, green apple puree, quince, clove sauce 27.00



Flap steak, Black Angus, USA 26.00

Fillet, Limousin, France 30.00

Chateaubriand (for two), Limousin, France 70.00

Ribeye, Black Angus, Australia 35.00

Τ-bone steak, Black Angus, USA 80.00/kg

Sauces: Bearnaise / Pepper


Mashed potatoes flavored with black truffles and chives

Crunchy potato chips with thyme and oregano

Steamed seasonal vegetables with garlic butter

Baby potatoes, asparagus and mushrooms



Chocolate cremeux, mango, chamomile, hazelnuts, vanilla ice-cream 12.00


Crema Catalana, cinnamon, orange, almond croquant, forest fruits 12.00

Crepe Suzette10.00










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